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Parent Concussion Consent Form


Tennessee Sports Concussion Law

This New Law Went Into Effect January 1, 2014

In April 2013, Tennessee became the 44th state to pass a sports concussion law designed to reduce youth sports concussions and increase awareness of traumatic brain injury. The legislation, Public Chapter 148, has three key components:

  1. To inform and educate coaches, youth athletes and their parents and require them to sign a concussion information form before competing.
  2. To require removal of a youth athlete who appears to have suffered a concussion from play or practice at the time of the suspected concussion.
  3. To require a youth athlete to be cleared by a licensed health care professional before returning to play or practice.

Both public and private school sports and recreational leagues for children under age 18 that require a fee are affected by the new law. The law covers all sports.

Parent Concussion Consent Form

For more information call 731-425-8378.


Jackson Area Wide Soccer Concussion Policy

Jackson Area Wide Soccer  Information Form For Coaches Regarding Concussions

Jackson Area Wide Soccer Coaches Signature Form Regarding Concussions

Heads-Up Concussion In Sports Video and Quiz With Certificate Of Completion

Heads-Up Concussion In Sports In Spanish

Heads-Up Concussion In Sports in Spanish Quiz

Jackson Area Wide Soccer Concussion Check List

NO PLAYER DROP-OFFS on either field are allowed.

There needs to be a parent or guardian at the field site at all times.

UNDER 6 BOYS & GIRLS All rules conform to the FIFA laws of the game except as follows:

The 1st half of each session will be instructional time with Isaac Brooks or assistant (if needed).  This will be on half of field 4A.  Each week they will work on different parts of the game (dribbling, passing, kicking, trapping the ball, etc).   The 2nd half of the session time the players will be divided up to play 3 v 3 games.  There will be coaches to ensure that all players get touches on the ball.  The coaches will need parent volunteers on each field to replace any out of bounds balls.  The coach will be looking for parent volunteers for each session.  There will be no assigned positions and no goalies.  At this age the best way for children to learn soccer is to kick the ball as many times as possible. 


1. There are 4 fields of 3 v 3 for each game. Field size is 25 yds. x 20 yds. The center circle radius is 4 yds.

2. The ball size is #3.

3. 3 v. 3. Boys and girls play on the same group. Group rosters are a  maximum of 24. Each group

needs a minimum of 2 players per field to start a game. There are no goal keepers.

4. The referee or coach must briefly explain all infractions to the offending player.

5. The coach should help the players.

6. Games are 3 rotations of 8 minutes each, with 2-minute breaks between quarter

7. On kickoffs if the ball goes directly into the goal, a goal results.

8. Emphasize fun but do not keep score.

9. There are no offside offenses, but the referee may warn for cherry picking.

10. All fouls result in a direct free kick. This means the ball does not need to touch another player before scoring.

11. Opposing players must be at least 4 yards from the ball during all re-starts (kick-ins, free kicks, goal kicks and corner kicks.)

12. No throw-ins; instead use kick-ins. A kick-in is a direct free kick, a goal may be scored on a kick-in.

13. Play goal kicks from in front of the goal when the ball goes over the end line off the offense.

14. Corner kicks conform to FIFA.

15. There are no penalty kicks or display of cards for misconduct.

 Under 6 Coaches

Coaches will sign up for a practice field. There will be 4 areas available on for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening practices.

Each coach will get 4 to 8 volunteer assistants for each week day practice. There will be 4 different fun games used in practice like Cat and Mouse, Red light Green light, etc. will be played. One or two volunteers will assist each game. The players will rotate around to the different games.

On game days the coach will get volunteers to assist each 3 V 3 field to make sure all the players on their field get touches on the ball. The volunteers will also help with substitution and if the ball goes out of bounds. 


Instructional Video For Dribbling

Instructional Video For Passing

Instructional Video For Shooting

Instructional Video For Turns

Instructional Video For Juggling

Please Note: All of these instructional videos were recorded for the "Quicktime Player". Each video is between 50 and 90 mbs, so depending on your down load speed they can take up to 2 to 3 minutes to load.


Instructional Video For Dribbling

Instructional Video For Passing

Kids Kick It At Clinic

    Jackson Sun Article Published March 3, 2008



Sunday afternoon in North Park kids participated in a soccer clinic held by Lambuth mens soccer coach Paul Conway through the Jackson Parks and Recreation while their parents enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the warm weather.

Young soccer players made the most of Sunday's spring-like weather.

About 80 children participated in a free soccer player development clinic at North Park sponsored by the Jackson Recreation and Parks Department.


"Its gorgeous, beautiful, ideal," mom Andrea Drummond said as she enjoyed temperatures in the upper 70s.

Drummond was watching from the sidelines as her 8-year-old daughter, Kayley, performed drills in one of the soccer clinics taught by Paul Conway, Lambuth's head men's soccer coach.

"Just touch it with the sole of your feet," Conway said while demonstrating soccer's proper foot handling techniques.

"Run the dribble nice and easy," he said from the field.

Laura Kinzer brought her 7-year-old son, Samuel, to join the fun. But it wasn't that easy to convince Samuel to kick the ball around with the group.

"Sam went to the free clinic last year. I'm not sure why he's not wanting to play today," Kinzer said.

Samuel opted to stand on the sidelines Sunday and watch instead.

Drummond, a mother of three, said this is the third year she's had a child in the soccer clinic.

In addition to giving kids the opportunity to improve their skills on the soccer field, coaches have the chance to watch players and kick their coaching up a notch, Drummond said.

"I've seen improvement in coaching and learning drills and learning how to have fun as well," Drummond said.

"It seems as though they do a lot of drills that would be helpful for a beginner," said Mirasol Fitzgerald, who had a son and a daughter in the clinic on Sunday.

Drummond said she likes how Conway teaches the children to stay in control while they are on the field.

"Control the ball. Control yourself, that's what Conway tells the kids a lot," she said. "He's just got a gift with the kids. Look how obedient they are."

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- Wendy Isom, 425-9782


The Hurricanes Under 10 (U10) boys soccer team, a member of JAWS (Jackson Area Wide Soccer) won their division at the Columbia TN Kohl’s America Cup Soccer Tournament November 3 & 4.  The Hurricanes finished the tournament a perfect 5-0, defeating other teams from across Tennessee on the way to the championship.

Kohl’s sponsored the Columbia, TN soccer tournament held at Cook Soccer Park.  Teams from all recreational divisions were invited to send teams.  Teams from Jackson included the Hurricanes, TN Rush U10, and JSC Wolves U8. 




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